So you've dreamed of flying like a bird or maybe you've seen those hawks circling effortlessly in the blue sky and wished you could too. Well you can! Paragliding is a very unique and free feeling form of flight, its quiet, peaceful and gives you an un-obstructed view of the beautiful Arizona mountains and desert terrain. A Tandem Paraglider Flight is an experience you will remember for ever and a great way to find out if Paragliding is for you!  

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Sean Buckner was certified in April 2011 as a Tandem Instructor by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

Tandem Paraglider Rides

Tandem Paraglider Rides

Tandem Paraglider Rides


Tandem Paragliding Instructional Flight - $250.00

This flight takes you from the ground to 3000 feet and lasts about 20-25 minutes. You will experience a breath taking, scenic, silent flight up into cooler air and beautiful views of the desert landscape. You will be exposed to the basics of paragliding and get to learn first hand what it is like and what it takes to be a paraglider pilot. Bring your camera because you will want to share the adventure and beauty with all your friends and relatives!

Tandem Paragliding Thermal Flight - $300.00

This flight is best suited for the established paraglider pilot. You will be towed up into the sky to look for natures lift and be given a "thermal flying 101" by Sean Buckner. The air will most likely be a little more active and "bumps" should be something you don't mind. You will be hunting for the invisible lift and try to ride it up to higher altitudes where the air and views are cooler. You may get to soar with hawks and vultures. This flight is generally longer and you get more information and first hand experience in soaring with a paraglider.

Learn to fly paragliders with Arizona Paragliding If you've always dreamed of flying like a hawk on the currents mother nature provides, we can help you achive that dream. You're just one click away from the most amazing form of flight known to man. Let the adventure begin.

Paragliding has been a popular motor-less form of flight in the U.S. for over 20 years. Paraglider pilots usually launch from remote and sometimes hard to access mountain tops, so that is why it isn't as well recognized by the general public and often confused with "Para-Sailing". Paraglider pilots use very efficient paragliders that are similar to the square parachutes most everyone has seen but larger, more elliptical in shape and geared for optimizing glide performance to take advantage of the lift mother nature provides. Most people that try paragliding for the first time are amazed at how free they feel, how quiet and peaceful it is and how much of the sky and terrain below they can see.

Here at, we use a payout winch towing system to be able to launch instructional tandem flights in the calm morning and afternoon air and thus we do not need to rely on a specific mountain site to have the right wind and weather conditions. We have a few places we go and most locations work with any wind direction so cancellations are much less likely with us. We also get our student passengers much higher on tow compared to a more challenging mountain launch.

Here's what some of our former students have said about their flights:

"What an amazing experience and total adrenalin rush! Thanks Sean for showing me what it is like to fly like a bird."

Nicole - Tempe AZ